Micro-Credential Programmes

UPM Micro-Credentials offer bite-sized modules with opportunities to specialize in the fields of study that interest you.


What is Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials or “Micro-accreditation” is a concept of accreditation or the award of qualifications that are able to recognize learning that is knowledge, skills or new competencies acquired by students.

UPM micro-credentials can be offered either from accredited or stand-alone academic programs and followed by students/participants through teaching and learning activities through physical or online platforms, with assessment methods that can measure the achievement of learning outcomes or objectively specific competencies.

Why choose a Micro-Credentials?

Courses in Academic Programs

Offers micro-learning outcomes from accredited academic programs.

Stand-alone Micro-credential

Offer micro-learning outcomes either from  accredited academic programs, or based on the latest competencies in a particular discipline/profession.

Micro-Credentials Universiti Putra Malaysia Guideline

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