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About PutraMOOC

PutraMOOC is an initiative by Universiti Putra Malaysia that offers inclusive and flexible access to quality education through online learning. Micro-credentials are for upskilling and reskilling to meet career demand and knowledge competencies while getting certified.


The development of PutraMOOC is to offer online courses under the PutraMOOC and Micro-Credentials initiative at UPM. Since 2019, we have received an encouraging number of users from several participants from various countries around the world.

What We Offer?

PutraMOOC is the best online learning experience. With our comprehensive courses and amazing instructors, you get the knowledge you need to succeed in any subject. Our education platform is simple to make learning easy and accessible to everyone.
Join us now and start your courses today!

UPM offers online course development consultancy

Providing our platform for other HEIs to set their own course

Technical support from i-Team Crew for video and multimedia development

Meet our team

Masnida Hussin

Email: masnida@upm.edu.my

Muhammad Faris Aqil Ideris

Email: farisaqil@upm.edu.my

Nur Shahira Mhd Rashid

Email: shahiramhd@upm.edu.my

Muhammad Farhan Azmi

Email: farhan.azmi@upm.edu.my

Muhamad Nazmi Said

Email; muhamadnazmi@upm.edu.my

Contact us

Feel free to call us any time,
we have a staff dedicated to taking your calls.

Inquiry regarding PutraMOOC please contact:

Tel: 03-9769 6136
Email: putramooc_admin@upm.edu.my

Time: (Open weekdays except public holiday/weekend from 9.00 am until 12.30 pm, continue at 2.00 pm until 5.00 pm)

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