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Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) continues to expand its role in spearheading open education agenda through diverse massive open online courses (branded as PutraMOOC) and micro-credentials (branded as MC UPM) while celebrating its niche in agriculture. The development of the online learning environment began its journey through PutraMOOC since November 2013, holding on to five main principles namely "Open Access, Equal Opportunity", "Small Idea, Big Impact", "Local University, Global Community", "Enriching Learning Experience" and above all, UPM's motto, "With Knowledge, We Serve". MC UPM was first introduced in year 2021. 

Courses developed features various expertise and competencies development. The courses are targeted for the enrolment of students registering at academic institution, community members and industry workers looking for upskilling, and lifelong learners among the public, to learn at the time of their convenience.  It is a vision that UPM sees through PutraMOOC and MC UPM that the university will go a step further towards globally fostering new generation of learning experience.


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PutraMOOC is an online educational platform that enables users to unlock rewarding career opportunities and upskill at the tips of their fingers. With a variety of courses and learning materials, users can achieve professional goals with ease.

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