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Unlock Your Potential and Become a Teacher With PutraMOOC

PutraMOOC is the perfect platform to kickstart your teaching career. With our guided course platform, you can unlock your potential and become a well-equipped teacher in no time.

Become A Teacher

Plan and develop your course

Record your own video lecture

Build your community

Bring Potential to Life By Pursuing a Teaching Profession

Pursuing a teaching profession is a rewarding and fulfilling way to bring potential to life. By joining the PutraMOOC revolution, you can become part of a community of instructors dedicated to making a difference in and out of the classroom.

Our goal is to make online education work for everyone

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PutraMOOC is an initiative by Universiti Putra Malaysia that offers inclusive and flexible access to quality education through free online learning courses.


Micro-credentials is a concept of accreditation or the awarding of qualifications that can recognize learning through new knowledge, skills or competencies acquired by students.

Discover the Benefits of Becoming an Educator

Become an online or in-person educator with PutraMOOC and start using powerful tools to develop engaging and effective learning experiences for your students. Unlock competitive pay and benefit from flexible teaching hours today.


Teaching Potential

PutraMOOC provides teachers and educators with an opportunity to enhance their teaching career on their own terms with the help of useful tools and resources.

A Flexible Teaching

PutraMOOC offers teachers and educators a flexible program to teach their skills on their own terms, with useful tools and resources to help them make a positive impact on the education system.

Become An Expert

PutraMOOC provides teachers with the tools they need to create successful courses, enabling them to become experts in their industry.

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Start your Teaching Career today with PutraMOOC / Micro-Credentials

Become A Teacher
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