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PutraMOOC at Glance

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is leading the charge in open education with its PutraMOOC massive open online courses and MC UPM micro-credentials. Committed to "Open Access, Equal Opportunity" and "Small Idea, Big Impact", UPM is serving the global community with knowledge and enriching learning experiences. The journey of online learning at UPM began with PutraMOOC in 2013, and MC UPM was introduced in 2021. 

These courses offer diverse competencies and expertise, catering to students, community members, industry workers, and lifelong learners seeking upskilling.
UPM is paving the way for a new generation of learning, accessible at the convenience of the learner.

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Easy step for register PutraMOOC Account


Go to the PutraMOOC website (http://putramooc.upm.edu.my/)


Click on Create new account for first time user


Fill all the details & verify your account through email


You’ve created your account & Login to learn

PutraMOOC Course

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PutraMOOC Development Process

PutraMOOC Course Quality Assurance Criteria

Development, offering, and Credit Transfer MOOC


Our Services

  1. Course design guidance
  2. Video recording and editing
  3. Development of materials, activities and assessment
  4. Material building on the PutraMOOC platform
  5. Quality assurance assessment
  6. Configure digital badges and certificates
  7. Development of promotional materials
  8. Collection of enrollment records, awarding of digital badges and certificates of completion

Booking your slot now

For booking a Workshop / consultancy / Services, Please contact us:

  • putramooc_admin@upm.edu.my
  • +603 9769 6136
  • https://cade.upm.edu.my/
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