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PutraMOOC is looking for talented educators to deliver high-quality Micro-credentials to students around the world. If you have the skills and knowledge to empower learners, join our online educator community and make a real impact. With Micro-credentials, you'll have the opportunity to help students unlock new opportunities and boost their careers. Apply now to be a Micro-credentials on PutraMOOC online educator and join the future of education!

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Micro-credentials at Glance

Micro-credentials is a concept of accreditation or the awarding of qualifications that can recognize learning that is new knowledge, skills or competencies acquired by students.

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Advantage of Micro-credentials

  • Additional Income: Developing and selling online courses can provide a significant source of income for lecturers, in addition to their regular salary.
  • Control Over Content: Developing their own online courses gives lecturers full control over the content, ensuring that it aligns with their expertise and teaching style.
  • Flexibility: Creating online courses provides lecturers with the flexibility to work on their own schedule and balance their work with other commitments.
  • Global Market: The online education market is rapidly growing and has a global reach, providing lecturers with the opportunity to sell their courses to students around the world.
  • Continual Learning: Creating online courses can also be a learning experience for lecturers, as they continually improve their teaching and course development skills.

Process of Micro-credentials

Development Courses for Micro-credentials


Our Services

  1. Course design guidance
  2. Video recording and editing
  3. Development of materials, activities and assessment
  4. Material building on the PutraMOOC platform
  5. Quality assurance assessment
  6. Configure digital badges and certificates
  7. Development of promotional materials
  8. Collection of enrollment records, awarding of digital badges and certificates of completion


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