For first-time users, logging in is a breeze. You can log in using your UPM-ID (for UPM students only), or you can create an account through manual registration on PutraMOOC.

STEP 2: (Login UPM-ID) 

Click the UPM-ID button, enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and then click Login. After that, update your profile with details such as Country, Age, Gender, Identity card/passport number, and profile picture.

STEP 2: (Manual Registration)

For manual registration, simply provide some basic information and ensure you have access to your email for verification purpose. If you encounter any issues with the verification email, reach out to us by email at


Once your account is created, it's time to update some information. After creating your account, please take a moment to update your profile. Click "Update profile" button after completed
♦♦ Great!!! You've successfully registered or logged in to PutraMOOC.
Let's dive into the details on how to take the course and enroll for a Micro-credential. Let's get started! ♦♦


On the dashboard, click "Course" on the navigation bar, then choose "Micro-credential."

STEP 2: Choose your desired course!

STEP 3: Enter the course, review the course details, and click "Enrol me".

STEP 4: You are prepared to begin learning the course within the allotted time. Explore each module to complete the notes, activities, and assessments provided to earn your Digital Badge.  

STEP 5: After completing all the modules and obtaining the Digital Badge, scroll to the bottom to claim your Micro-certificate and enrol in another Micro-course.

STEP 6: To earn the Macro-certificate, you must successfully complete three (3) Micro-certificates with the highest grades. 

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